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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Word On Resistance

I stumbled upon a blog post recently entitled "The Resistance Needs You." I was thankful to the author to see so many of my thoughts echoed. Over the past few years, I've been a huge advocate of what I like to call "legal resistance" -- in other words, not just resisting for resisting's sake, but resisting unlawful government based upon your knowledge of the law, jurisprudence, and the application of the Constitution and your God-given, inherent rights.

After reading this blog, I decided to compose a comment to further elaborate on the topic of resistance. As it sometimes happens, this comment got longer and longer, and I decided to just turn it into a separate blog post. And so, here is my response:

Excellent information. I believe that another way we can put up a resistance is to each participate in lawful government. People may not understand what this means. But essentially this is simply knowing WHAT your rights are as protected by the Constitution, and then asserting those rights (rather than begging for them) regardless of what "laws" are in force which attempt to circumvent these inherent, God-given rights. The supreme court has stated that an unconstitutional law is really not a law at all, but a complete nullity (see Norton v. Shelby County, 6 S.Ct. 1121). There are many rights which are protected by the Constitution that many people don't even know about, or have been long forgotten.

The Right to Travel

The right to travel is one that is most obvious. Today we have contracted away this right and turned it into a privilege with something called a driver's license. The simple act of traveling from point A to point B in America is now ILLEGAL, unless permission is granted by the government. A servant can now pull you over at any point in time and request, "papers, please." This is not what the founders intended for a truly free country.

The Right to Keep What You Earn

Another is the right to keep the fruits of your labor. There are so many things wrong with the income tax in this country, I don't even know where to start. If you were to do a study on this topic, you will find that the 16th Amendment (which supposedly grants authority for such a tax) was never properly ratified. You will also find many strange anomalies even within the IRS's own documentation concerning requirements to pay the income tax. One such anomaly is that this tax is actually "voluntary." Another such anomaly is in the very definition of "income." You will find that this term is more associated with corporate gain than with personal accumulation of wealth. Was it ever intended by the founders that our population be punished for their success? And if not, why do we continue to obey this rogue organization?

The Right To Be Married

The right to be married is another right I won't get into too much right now, but is most definitely and obviously a right -- one that I personally have asserted. God put the institution of marriage in place, and it is no right of the government to be involved in that institution.

The Right of Lawful State Citizenship

The right to be a state citizen is also something which has been long forgotten. And if you study deeply on this right in particular, you will find that this is the root cause of MANY, if not ALL of the federal government's encroachments into our everyday lives. Reconstruction came two years after the Civil War, and was not one of its intended outcomes. These Acts completely reversed the relationship of our states to the federal government, and in turn, the relationship between the federal government and the citizenry of this country. In fact, prior to this time, the federal government had VERY little influence over our personal lives. But now, our citizenship is nationalized. We are now citizens of a nation, rather than citizens of our demi-sovereign states which had ultimate authority OVER the federal government. The founders never intended the federal government to control the states. They intended it to be the complete and total opposite. THIS is an issue that has been long forgotten, but is something that we MUST assert if we want our rights back.

The Supreme court has ruled that: "The only absolute and unqualified right of a United States citizen is to residence within the territorial boundaries of the United States," US vs. Valentine 288 F. Supp. 957. So, we see that from a legal perspective, even if you know what your rights are, you need to have proper standing in order to assert them. A US citizen has one right -- the right to live here. A US citizen is also not party to the Bill of Rights, contrary to what you may have been taught. The only way we can have these rights returned to us is by asserting our right to state citizenship. And we can't do this if we are consistently making declarations to the contrary.

Consenting to Encroachment.
Our Signatures Give Them Permission.

Through our participation in Social Security, the tax system, banking, driver licensing, mortgages, even the voting system, we are declaring (often under penalty of perjury) that:

1) We are US citizens (citizens of a nation), and we desire to be such.
2) We no longer have the rights of a state citizen.
3) We are citizens of Washington and the federal government is our master.
4) We honor the overthrow of lawful government, and believe that those who overthrew it have rightful dominion over us.

We've been had. Through a complicated web of legalese run-around and by the use of our own ignorance, the federal government has the control. And they have for a VERY long time. They've got our signatures to prove it. By our very participation in the same system of government that we so often rail against, we contribute to our own demise and our continual loss of liberty. The only way we can break free is to do just that. But we have to have the knowledge it takes to know their tricks (and believe me they have a lot of them).

How We Participate

We are participants (citizens) of lawful government through the re-established body politic of our state, the North-Carolina American Republic. This vehicle gives us the education, the standing, and the know-how to assert our rights and to beat them at their own game of legal jujitsu.

We can beg this government all we want, but until we assert our rights on the most fundamental levels, they will continue to be our master.


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