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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pastor, Will YOU Take a Stand?

I stumbled upon a random church website recently discussing "The Christian and Government". After reading some of the article written by the pastor of said church, I decided to write an email to the pastor. Churches often use Romans 13 to convince their congregations to submit to anyone showing color of authority. As a Christian patriot, I believe it is our duty to first determine 'who' or 'what' is our lawful authority, prior to giving our allegiance and obedience. It is a scary thing to attend a church that would criticize, place under church discipline, or otherwise abandon or betray one of its own body for taking a stand against unlawful government.

Pastor ******,

I came across your website after a Google search for a verse I was looking for in Romans 13. Upon arriving on this page...


...I continued reading some of your article/sermon that I found there. I am not sure you are aware, but there are quite a few things which aren't taught in school about the current government which is in place today. I myself attended a private school during my childhood, and my wife was home-schooled. Neither of us had ever heard some of the things that we've recently learned during the past two years.

We are both Christians and have studied the relationship between people and government, Biblically, for ourselves. However, we have also studied the law concerning this government. I will give you a few examples of some of the things we have learned. Stay with me, as some of these may sound a bit "looney" if you've never heard them before.

We live in a little town called Tobaccoville in North Carolina. So I'll begin my explanation of some of our studies with the history of this state. Many people do not realize that there are actually TWO states called North Carolina. The first state of North-Carolina (with a dash) was the 12th state to enter the American Union. Then, after Reconstruction, a second state called North Carolina (a new body politic) was forced upon the people of this state. It was, in fact, the 39th state to enter the American union. This second state was put into place by Military Order Number 120, issued by a General Canby of the U.S. military. I have access to archive copies of this order, and you can view it, as well as the surrender letter from then-governor Jonathan Worth, here:

Today, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the coerced passing of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution (the only coerced Amendment in our history) are all chalked up to issues of slavery and perhaps states rights. What most people do not realize (among other history factoids that have since become revisionist history) is that the original object of the war, as published by the 37th Congress in the Congressional Globe (below) was NOT to interfere with the institutions of the states (slavery). More people died during during the Civil War than in any other war in the history of the world. And yet, most people do not realize that the original object of the war was literally CHANGED after the war was over; in fact, TWO YEARS after peace had been declared:

Object of the War:

Why do I say all of this? Well, first off, I have not even nicked the surface of this study. There are weekend-long seminars that I have attended that still only scratch the surface. I'll recommend more sources for study at the end of this email. However, the main reason for my email is because there were several statements I saw in your sermon/article which got my attention. These statements included information about paying income tax, among other things.

Because of this information I listed above (and the detailed study that I cannot put into one email), the government today is a government de facto. In other words, though it receives obedience from the bulk of the community, this is not the LAWFUL government, and has not been since the Reconstruction Acts. Similar to the example you used in this sentence, "Other nations that came in and conquered various areas were usurpers to the legitimate government," the government recognized by most people today is a usurping government.

As a Christian, I believe it is my duty to understand and uphold the law, so long as it does not conflict with God's laws. Our authority in this country is the Constitution, and more specifically, state Constitutions, as they were prior to Reconstruction. In these constitutions, there is no mention of a 14th Amendment created U.S. Citizen. Only state citizens. The government today is a usurper of the law, to which we owe no allegiance, according to the law. Supreme court case Norton v. Shelby County states the following:

"an unconstitutional act is not a law. It confers no rights. It imposes no duties. It affords no protection. It creates no office. It is in legal contemplation as inoperative as though it had never been passed. Therefore an unconstitutional act purporting to create an office gives no validity to the acts of a person acting under color of its authority."

~Norton v. Shelby County, 6 S.Ct. 1121

Because an unconstitutional law is not a law, we have no obligation to it. In this country, something that is unconstitutional is "as inoperative as though it had never been passed." In other words, in law, it never existed!

You also mentioned in your article:

"The "rebellion" was the legitimate authority re-establishing a proper government"

This past year, (again, this may sound crazy) I became a citizen of my lawful state, as was re-established on December 1, 1997. Of necessity, the state was titled the North-Carolina American Republic. I denounced U.S. Citizenship. I also participate regularly in monthly government meetings. Many state citizens like myself frequently go to court with a challenge of jurisdiction. This challenge of jurisdiction is a legal argument which is taken into court to challenge the jurisdiction of the unconstitutional state which was created by Reconstruction. We do not recognize its creation as lawful or constitutional. In law, if sufficiently challenged with evidence, jurisdiction must first be proven by the court (today, this would be the DA or ADA) before a case can continue. If the state charging you does not have the authority to do so, it is up to us to challenge this, and up to the court to prove it. These are safe guards which are in place to determine the "proper" government.

In order to bring the jurisdictional argument up in court, there must first be a controversy. This is simply how courts work. There are drivers' licenses (and other forms of license and permits), property tax, income tax, and many other things which the state or federal government requires of U.S. Citizens. There are quite a few state citizens who do not carry these things, or abide by these laws, because the authority to require these things does not exist, and is therefore not recognized. This brings us into court. If a government does not have lawful jurisdiction, it cannot legally demand something from you.

As I said, it would be difficult to sum up everything in a single email. However, I do hope that you will do some more studying into this matter. There are a lot of people who go to jail, or get fined, or get into "trouble" with this government who do so based upon the belief that what they are doing is lawful and right. I believe it is our responsibility as Christians to be knowledgeable about what is going on around us; to understand the law and what is lawful. For here on earth, and especially in America, this is the foundation of obeying our true authorities. It is difficult to obey an authority if we do not know who or what it is. Coercion does not create a legal obligation.

Considering the current state of affairs in this country, the chances are increasing that you could get someone like myself visiting and interested in attending regularly, your local body of believers. I hope you will keep these things in mind.

Other resources:

Constitutional Town Hall: John Ainsworth (9-part video):

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If you would be interested in reading more or learning more about this, feel free to contact me in the future and I can provide you with more resources. Thank you for your time.