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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Used to Hate History

I hated history in school. It was boring and incredibly dull. However, in recent years, I've made an effort to try and educate myself about the things going on around me, and things that I may not know or understand about the history of this country. There are lots of things about the Civil War time frame which have affected the way our country is operating today. Yeah, it was a long time ago. But prior to this time our country was not trillions of dollars in debt. Nor did we have military bases in such a large part of the world. Our federal government was also much smaller, and it didn't affect citizens directly, but mostly just commerce between the states. And the states were sovereign. They actually CONTROLLED the federal government. Imagine that. They didn't have U.S. citizens back then either, people were citizens of their states -- and get this, people referred to their states as 'their country,' because in fact their state was indeed a country. Taxes were less, and we had more freedom and liberty than we could imagine.

Today it's the polar opposite. The federal government rules over the states; power coming from a small group of people in Washington, and of course the elite. It's slavery all over again. God is no longer the foundation of all law, but laws are created with little or no moral foundation at all -- simply out of man's opinion, doing whatever he chooses to do. This is not the way the founders intended it.

As masters of our government, in a Constitutional Republic, actions by the government reflect on we the people. In this country, WE are the ones who institute the government. Consider for a moment that something very wrong happened during this time period of the Civil War and Reconstruction that you were not taught in school. If these things were kept taboo, or secret, could this secrecy have a major impact on how this country is run today? Don't you want to be a seeker of truth? Do you want your children to grow up as slaves to an immoral government, when in fact THEY should be the ones responsible for their own governing? Do you truly want to honor those who have given their lives so that you can live in a free country?

Several people have had a tremendous impact on my recent historical education and on the actions I've begun to take to give allegiance ONLY to lawful, provable, Constitutional government in my own personal life, and to begin a resistance toward the contrary. Firstly, I have to give credit to my wife, Sara. I cannot tell you how much of a blessing it is to have a partner with such faith. It is so important. She is my best friend and offers support on such a deep level. Sara attends nearly every meeting, seminar, court case, and booth event that I go to. We pray together about the future of this country and we pray A LOT about the people who inhabit it. The way our laws were set up in the beginning, and the amount of freedom that was there, required a moral people -- people able to govern themselves. It is sad to say that most people in America today DESERVE the government that they have, as they are unable to govern themselves or behave in a moral fashion. Most have grown dependent, and many just don't care, including the Christians. We pray that this can change. God moves mountains, and so we believe that it can.

Bill Randell has been another major influence in my life. It's a funny story. I didn't like Bill very much when I first met him. Well, actually, let me back up. When I first 'heard' about Bill, he intrigued me. See Bill doesn't carry a driver's license. Quite frankly I thought that was pretty weird. There are a lot of other "liberties" that Bill takes as well, and when I heard about these things, through my brother Chad, I thought I should at least meet this man. My first few encounters with Bill were good, however, there was one instance when he began to teach me a few things I wasn't aware of, like what's at the basis of that whole "driving without a license" thing. Bill began to challenge some of my most deep rooted beliefs. Even challenging those beliefs about what my responsibilities are as a Christian. To make a long story short, Bill ruffled my feathers and I didn't much like it. I refused to talk to Bill for about a year. However, on my own, I started to look up and study some of the things that Bill had said. I began discovering that it was all true. After a while, I let go of my pride, and started talking to Bill again. That was hard. I believe around 2007, myself and two other friends of mine began meeting at Bill's house regularly to study. Bill has been studying since the early 80's (around the time I was born), so we had a lot to learn. We started by studying the founding documents, like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We went in depth, to discover just how educated people were at that time. The writings by the founders, and they way they thought, was incredible! People today speak in short bursts, and most people's language, vocabulary, and working intellect has been degraded over generations. However, the founders of this country were incredibly intelligent, and God-inspired. People back then took the time to write. Their sentences were detailed and well thought out. How far have we come!

Our little study group there in Walnut Cove grew until eventually there were so many people we could no longer pile into Bill's living room. So we started meeting in a building behind Bill's church. At some point, we started calling ourselves "Carolina Liberty." We even had a website!

In our group, we would occasionally have special speakers. Mr. John Ainsworth was such a speaker. I was told that this was an old friend of Bill's. I'll never forget the huge bin full of books and materials John brought with him that evening. You could tell that this man had truly 'done his homework'. John spoke about Reconstruction. I remember learning an interesting word at that time. That word was "annulled." John had made the statement during his presentation that congress had "annulled" the state of North Carolina. If you look this word up in a dictionary, it says, "to declare invalid, declare to have had no legal existence." I was intrigued to say the least, and so was everyone in the room. "Can they do that?!"

Besides Bill and John, there have been many other friends I have met during the past four years who have made the conscious decision, in their own personal lives, to honor only Constitutional laws and provable government. Rather than blaming the politicians, they have looked in the mirror. They have realized that a country claiming such freedoms must have a people willing to govern themselves. I have met such strong Christians in these circles. I know of few other 'Christians' who would be so supportive of a person going to jail for standing up against an unconstitutional law. I am happy to say that these people have become my church. In this community of what I call PATRIOTS, we pray together and support each other in what we believe God has called us to do -- to be responsible in the actions of participating in a government body that will be honoring to Him.

So I used to hate history. But now I think it's fascinating. People back then may have not had fancy houses, cars, or modern conveniences, but they had honor, and courage to take a stand for what is right, no matter how unpopular. I long to share what I have learned with others, and I want, in my lifetime, to see this country restored to her former glory. Won't you join us?

Join us...

Education is such an important part of understanding any movement, and you should do your homework before getting involved in anything. I HIGHLY recommend checking out the following video (in 9 parts on YouTube) from John Ainsworth. Watch all nine parts. I promise, you'll learn a lot just in this short 1 hr, 17 minute primer. Once you've done that, visit the following list of websites. Take a moment to read through the pages of these sites. Click on a few links, a few articles and just explore and see what you find. Once you've done this, you will probably have questions. I make myself available on Facebook, through email, or by phone (336-924-0402). Maybe you would be interested in having someone speak in your area about these things, or in starting up your own study group?


No matter what you do, please get involved somehow. The future of this country depends on it.

"The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution, so the second will not become the legalized version of the first." -Thomas Jefferson

"Nations are not served by citizens who refuse to face the truth. Blind optimism, shrouded typically in patriotism, abounds and is going to lead us to disaster." -Peter Schiff

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15