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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If Voting Isn't the Answer, What Is?

Last Saturday, while tending a booth at the Sensible Mountain Preparedness Seminar, I wore my America's Remedy "Voting IS NOT the answer" t-shirt. As is usually the case with this t-shirt, I was asked the following question on more than one occasion: "If voting isn't the answer, what is?"

It isn't too surprising to get such a question. After all, most people today believe that the only way to fight for anything in this country is to get someone elected to office. And in a time of such economic and moral chaos, now is the time to vote, vote, vote....right?

So how do I respond to this question. Well, I'll tell you what I told every person who asked me. The answer is... rather than "requesting rights" from a man or woman whom we elect to office, we should realize that our rights are God given and inherent, and assert them! We don't need to "change" the laws, but should begin determining the constitutionality of those laws which are so enforced. We owe no allegiance or obedience to laws which defy the Constitution. In fact, it is actually our duty to disobey laws which violate it.

To me, it now seems incredibly simple and obvious. This is the way the system was designed! Electing an individual isn't going to "change" anything except perhaps the point at which we reach total annihilation. Who has more power to change things -- one guy in office trying to represent everyone's point of view, or 300,000 bold state citizens who are asserting their right to lawful, constitutional government?

If people want to turn this country around, we're going to have to take responsibility for this rapid decline and actually DO what is right, rather than first asking legislators for permission. The mainstream misleadia uses the term "lawmakers" to describe politicians. WE THE PEOPLE are the lawmakers! We have to realize this. Fear, complacency, apathy, these all stand in our way. If we know what type of government that we want, then why do we continue participating in one which has overthrown the government which was put in place by our founders? It's easy. It's convenient. But is it RIGHT? Did our founders sound like folks who would have just "settled" for voting? Was our independence won in a voting booth? No. Voting is not the answer. Never has been and never will be. We must do as the founders did and assert our right to lawful, constitutional, provable government.

If you agree with this concept and want to spread the word, boy do I have great news for you! You can buy your own "Voting IS NOT the answer" t-shirt right here! Better yet, if you not only agree but would like to better educate yourself and others about rights, the Constitution, citizenship, and states' rights, contact myself or John Ainsworth to schedule a short 2-hour presentation in YOUR area. Get a group of friends together and make a day of it! I PROMISE that you'll learn something you didn't know before.

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