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Monday, August 06, 2007

Another AT&T Blunder

Well it appears that the infamous AT&T has goofed once again. And to think I was just saying in my last blog how they have sucky service! What a coincidence!

I just checked the mail, and my cellular bill from AT&T (previously Cingular) was a whopping $753.22! As soon as I had opened the envelope my heart started racing. Where in the world did these charges come from? My bill is usually between $40-$60 here lately, so I thought this was really weird.

As you can see in the image above, my bill shows (among the many other roaming calls that I allegedly made) that on 7/16/07 I made calls from the following areas:

in Jackson, MS at 8:15pm
in Atlanta, GA at 8:20pm
in Jackson, MS at 8:22pm
in Atlanta, GA at 8:25pm
in Jackson, MS at 9:06pm
in Atlanta, GA at 9:11pm

What amazing travelling I did huh?! According to my latest AT&T bill, I repeatedly travelled over 380 miles in under 5 minutes! I knew my Ol' Blue was a fast old 89' Ford Ranger, but that's really something!

I've obviously called AT&T and after keeping me on hold for over half an hour they seem just as confused as I am. They'll be calling me tomorrow after they've had some time to figure out how this happened. And yes, the lady assured me that they'll be refunding the additional $633 (plus tax, fees etc) they charged me for these bogus roaming minutes.

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