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Monday, August 27, 2007

Is AT&T the Suckiest?

While using Google today, I was curious to see how many websites I could find that told how much AT&T sucks. While I was at it, I went ahead and looked up a few other cell phone carriers. Just who is the suckiest of them all? See the results below!

Congratulations to our winner! Sprint is, according to Google search results, the suckiest cellular carrier! There are apparently over 1 million websites describing the suckiness of Sprint. Wowzers! AT&T comes in a very close second with over 829,000 results (must be all those "fewest dropped calls" And once again proving correct the plentious positive testimonials I've received their customers, Alltel is perhaps the least sucky cellular provider out there. You go Alltel! This definitely isn't a "head-to-head" competition I would be proud of winning.

What does the winner of this competition get? Well, nothing. We should give these companies' executives a big kick in the pants for being suck slackers. Instead we'll just provide gobs of links to Alltel for being the least sucky. Visit them at

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