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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Removing a Bolt

We twisted, we sawed.
We hammered and clawed.
But try as we might,
And we put up a fight,
The bolt it just wouldn't come off!

Well its turned out to be another adventurous weekend with my good (and once in a while a pain) friend Justin. Yes sir! Nothing like a good sweat and a little grease to really get the blood racing.

Justin has been wanting a trailer for a while now to haul trash and things behind his truck (which I've appropriately dubbed the Justinmobile). Well a few days ago we saw an old rusty one here in King. I called the number and the the guy said he'd take $75 for the trailer. I told Justin I'd give him $30 for helping me on the Muncy trailer (in a previous blog entry). So a few more bucks from his mom, and Justin had himself a nice little trailer.

Now here's the problem. The ball on Justin's truck is only like two inches from his bumper. Every time we've tried to hook up a trailer, we have a very hard time with it because the lock on the coupler (the thing on the tongue of the trailer that connects to the truck) scrapes the bumper. It makes it very difficult to hook up a trailer. Also, Justin's trailer doesn't even have a coupler on it currently, so he's going to have to have one welded on there.

So today we took a trip to my Grandma's house to look for a solution in her basement. There's a myriad of trailer parts in her basement that belonged to Grandpa. Well we finally found something that would work. The plan was to simply take a part off of Justin's bumper and put on the new part we found. Sounds simple enough right? Yeah right. As you read in the poem above, it was anything but simple. Even now the part still remains on Justin's truck. I asked Justin to wait until a weekday so we could take it to somebody with the proper tools, but he insisted on continuing our efforts. So we ended up working on this little project until about 9pm or so. Yet the bolt remains. Slightly deformed, yet remaining. Happy Saturday.

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